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The International Union for Housing Finance (IUHF) was established in 1914 under the name of the International Union of Building Societies & Savings and Loan Associations. During its existence of more than 100 years, the IUHF has developed into a worldwide network comprising organizations and individuals who specialize in housing finance. Its members range from national banking associations and mortgage lending institutions to independent consultants, academics, government agencies and international bodies. The Union aims to facilitate global contact among member organizations and to be a source of international leadership in housing finance. It promotes the exchange of knowledge amongst members throughout the world and to serve as a recognized primary source of information on international housing finance. The Union also aims to promote and facilitate the development of housing finance systems in developing countries and to encourage cooperation between the public and private sectors in the housing and housing finance sectors. For more detailed information, please visit the homepage of the IUHF.

The Inter-American Housing Union (Uniapravi is its Spanish abbreviation) is a non-governmental international organization recognized as a Consultative Organization of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). UNIAPRAVI was founded in Caracas in 1964, and ist purpose is to contribute to the strengthening of housing institutions by providing them with technical advice, training, research and information services dealing with housing, urban development policies and finance. UNIAPRAVI has more than 100 members in 21 countries, which come from many different backgrounds. UNIAPRAVI has played a relevant role in disseminating knowledge and information on housing and housing finance. In particular, it supports discussion of how to improve access to affordable housing for lower-income groups, the provision and financing of urban infrastructure and services, water supply and sewerage, electric power supplies, waste disposal and access to land. These are all important factors for improving the quality of life in Latin American countries. For more details please visit the Uniapravi homepage.

On the 19th August 1967, the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Loans and Savings Companies (Associação Brasileira das Entidades de Crédito Imobiliário e Poupança - ABECIP)  was set up  as a not-for-profit private organization, to represent the Brazilian real estate finance industry. The Association was created to operate within the new housing policy and to respond to the challenge of meeting the demand for housing from the emerging middle class and low income populations. The founders' goal, which is still being followed, was to play a key role in structuring the country's real estate finance. ABECIP has been doing this successfully for over four decades. It also continues to play a key role in the organization of private real estate financing businesses and in the discussion of the agenda and of the rules required for a comprehensive system to work properly. For more information please visit the homepage of ABECIP.